Land Registry

Receiving Office – Land Registry

The Receiving Office acts as the front desk and customer care office of the Registry. It receives applications for registrations and also issues Land Registry Plans. It also processes applications for Searches in the Land Register. Cash payments for services rendered by the Registry are handled by this office.

Services Offered

  • Receiving applications for Registration of immovable property (Form A-D)
  • Receiving searches applications (Form E)
  • Receiving applications with regards to Condominium applications (registration of administrators and rules: Form 1 and 2)
  • Sale of Land Registry plans
  • Receiving payments for applications submitted.
  • Section provides also customer care services where necessary.
  • Forms

Drawing Office – Land Registry

The Drawing Office can be described as the technical arm of the Registry and is responsible for processing all applications received. Information received is verified and plans are digitized. This Office also deals on a one-to-one basis with Notaries, Architects and the general public particularly in cases of overlaps.

Services Offered

  • Digitizing of all Land Registry plans on and Registry Computer System (LRCS);
  • Processing of applications received by Receiving Office
  • Scanning of Documents
  • Reply to search forms (Form E);
  • Constant assistance to Notaries with regards to problems relating to applications submitted,
  • Customer care services where required;
  • Forms

Legal Section

The Land Registrar is aided by two Assistant Land Registrars. Their duties include the reviewing, vetting and final approval of applications, as well as any other duties that the Land Registrar may delegate.

Services Offered

  • Approval of Certificates of Title
  • Meetings with General Public and Notaries on legal matters
  • Attending Court sittings

Data Input section

The Data Input Section records details in the electronic register of the transactions emerging from the applications and any other additional documentation received.

Services Offered

  • Keeping a registry system of files;
  • scanning of documents;
  • inputing of data of Land Registry and Condominium files.

Opening Hours

Land Registry (Receiving Office)

8:00 to 13:00

Land Registry (Drawing Office)

Summer opening hours are from 8:00 to 11.30

Winter opening Hours are from 8:00 to 13:00